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Jan 11, 2016

I’ve been thinking about booking a getaway at a cabin in the woods. It’s always this time of year that I’m anxious to leave the city, and a weekend in the woods sounds like a sure cure.

While researching places close enough to Philadelphia to make a weekend out of it, I stumbled across these cute little cabins. Thought I’d share them in case you’re getting the itch for wandering just like me!

Knotty Pine Cabin – $163 per night

Milford, PA
A cozy cabin for two with a beautiful stone fireplace and the luxury of seclusion on a 575 acre preserved woodland with a nearby stream and several waterfalls. Newly remodeled authentic hunting cabin from the 1930s with hiking trails that go on for miles.

The Writer’s Retreat – $59 per night

Keswick, VA
This dreamy little cabin looks like it came straight from a fairytale. Just eight miles from Charlottesville, this cute cottage in the woods is perfect for an artist’s getaway.

Bailey’s Retreat Cabin – $170 per night

Charlottesville, VA
This charming Civil War era log cabin sits on 50 acres of land near Charlottesville, Virginia. This cabin offers privacy and seclusion while only minutes away from local wineries and breweries. This cabin retains the original stone fireplace and is 600 square feet of coziness. Also includes access to an outdoor pool!

Best of Both Worlds Cabin – $140

Newland, NC
If you’re looking for a cabin getaway with more of a modern feel, then this is the spot for you. The own completely redid the inside the the cabin with fresh and modern look while keeping the rustic wood throughout. A perfect getaway for people that appreciate modern conveniences but with the peace and seclusion of nature. This one is a little too far away for a two day weekend trip, but if you have some time off and are looking for a place to escape, then this just might work for you! 


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