What do you think about most of the time?

Mar 8, 2022

I’ve come to the conclusion that I spend too much time in my head judging myself from an outside perspective.

I’m constantly thinking about how I’m not living up to the standard – partner, kids, tons of friends, life filled with lots of social engagements.

So I’m constantly judging myself by that yardstick even though it’s a yardstick I never bought.

It can feel like I’m missing out on the magic and beauty of the life I do have by feeling like it’s less than because it looks different than most.

But I keep telling myself…life can be completely fulfilling and meaningful even if it’s not typical.


by chaucee

Hi, I’m Chaucee, the hands behind the words on this screen. I started this blog as a college freshman in 2008 as a creative outlet while studying for my bachelor’s. Since then it’s grown into a way to document things I love and things I’m learning. Welcome : )


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