On Making A Home

Apr 21, 2016


My momma is coming to town this weekend to help me put the finishing touches on my house. She’s a master decorator and we’re heading to Lancaster to hit up the flea markets, thrift stores and the new West Elm outlet (doesn’t that place sound like a dream?!).

I’ve been secretly collecting inspiration ever since I bought my home this past summer and I wanted to share some with you. Please leave any design tips or tricks you have in the comments!

I just had my backyard repaved and some new sod put in and I’m looking forward to adding some greenery and furniture and turning this this space into a place where I’ll be spending a lot of time this summer. I love the plant shelves in this photo.

I’ve been slowly collecting art over the past few months and will hopefully start putting more nails in the wall to hang them up this weekend.
Have more space means more plants!
Speaking of artwork, this is more like it. I have being surrounded by beautiful things and nature is always comforting and inspiring.
As you know I have a bad reading habit and if I don’t figure out a way to store my books I’m gonna be in some trouble!


by chaucee

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