Olive Oil & Rosemary Potato Chips

Jan 26, 2015

Olive oil, rosemary and carbs. This is basically my dream snack. SO GOOD. And super easy to make. I like chips a little crispy so I turned up the heat to put a little crisp on ’em.

You’ll need:

Olive Oil
Potatoes (of your choice)
Sea Salt

… Really, that’s it.

Here’s how I made ’em:
Use a potato slicer to slice your potaters. Warm up some olive oil in a frying pan (enough to coat the entire base of the pan). Brush some olive oil on both sides of your chips and place in the pan. Season them with some salt and pepper. Add some rosemary and then cook on Medium to Low for about 5-10 minutes a side (depending on how crispy you like them).
And that’s IT. On the second batch I added a little bit of garlic powder to the chips before dropping them in the pan and it was also delicious. You can also bake them, fry them and even make potato chip salad, but I prefer my pan crisp chips.