Mushmina Anniversary Party

May 24, 2013

Last Tuesday was the Mushmina anniversary party. Mushmina is a fashion company with a social mission centered around Morocco. Two sisters, Katie and Heather, started Mushmina after traveling throughout the East and meeting talented artisans who had limited access to international markets and limited bargaining power in their local markets. Through working with these women Katie and Heather have created an inspiring opportunity for women in Morocco and women in the States to share creativity, do what they love, and support each other in the process.

The party was an absolute blast. The West Philly Orchestra came out to play on the sidewalk, the food was delicious, and there was even a Henna tattoo artist providing beautiful free designs to customers! Maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was the good company, but this was one of the best anniversary parties I’ve been to in a while! The food was delish, and the shopping even better. I ended up walking away with those neon pink sandals : ) Can’t wait to wear them!

1540 South Street, Philadelphia, PA

Photography & Words by Chaucee Stillman
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