I’m Hosting a Small Business Marketing Workshop!

Dec 27, 2018

Calling all Coloradians! If you are a small business owner, have a project/dream/goal you’re wanting to launch in 2019, then make sure to come to my digital marketing workshop on January 17th at Hub Ned Coworking in Nederland, Colorado.

I’ll be handing you the tools, tips + tricks I use with my clients that drive results and minimize the stress and headaches of doing SM by yourself.

You Will Learn How To:

Establish Content Pillars: Create your roadmap of what content to post. This takes out the guesswork of having to come up with something to post every day and gives you a map of content.

Define Your Business Tone of Voice: how to position and present your brand online through copywriting.

Write Your Digital Strategy: What type of content you’ll post when and where.

Establish your content creation time and tools: How you will create content and what tools will you use to promote and schedule your posts.

If you have the idea, the business, the vision, then now it’s time shine some light on what you’ve been working on!

If you are not making time to market your business, you are directly hurting your growth. You can’t afford NOT to invest time + resources in social media marketing today.

Set your business up for success in 2019 by learning how to streamline your marketing efforts and create great content.



by chaucee

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