Happiness Practice: June

Jun 30, 2017

Time goes by so fast, but when I reflect back on all that happened this past month it puts things into perspective. Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough or being productive, but so much has happened over the past 30 days!

In case you missed it, I’m starting a happiness project of sorts (click here to read about it). This is my way of stopping to smell the roses.  I hope you’ll join me.

Here are a few things that made me happy this month.

Adopting Brownie

On June 7th, I officially adopted my foster dog Brownie (middle). Brownie first came to us last September with a whole host of medical issues. The past nine months have been focused on getting her the medical care she needs and recovering from 4 surgeries. She was listed as a hospice care on the rescue’s website, but after improving so much since her last and most extensive surgery, Brownie has bounced back better than ever. She officially became a part of our pack and as you can see, fills out the poodle gradient just perfectly.

Welcoming a New Sister

My brother got married in California last weekend it was a trip to remember! I loved reuniting with my family (we’re all scattered across different states) and spending some time on the beach and in the sun.


Now I know that sounds pretty vague, so more specifically I’m thankful for friends who help out when I really need it the most. When I was in California two of my animals were sick and a friend stepped up to help take them to the vet and care for them while I’m away. Being a “single mom” of four animals comes with a lot of responsibility and I’m so thankful for the extra support and help when needed.

What made you happy this month?



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