Happiness Practice

May 22, 2017

Sometimes happiness seems like a flexible and fluid thing, at times hard to grasp, and other times surprising. There are moments when I get swept up in the weight of anxiety and reminding myself of the beautiful things in life are a way to combat that feeling. I want to try and take note of those things that are good, pleasurable, and soul filling in my daily life whether big or small.

This is my way of stopping to smell the roses.  I hope you’ll join me. Here’s what brought me happiness this past week.

Spending the weekend surrounded by friends, books, nature, and a campfire. I truly felt in my element in this moment.

Coming home from a weekend away and knowing my pups missed me. I was feeling really anxious the day after our trip and Jax just seemed to pick up on that vibe and was extra snuggly, knowing I need some love in that moment.

The sound of a waterfall and the feeling of mist on my checks.

Friendship and matching hiking boots.

What brought you happiness this week?


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  1. Jojo

    Love this project! It’s always so heartwarming to find random posts of the simple things in life. They’re also the best ones to reflect back on.


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