Chestnut Hill

Jun 5, 2013

It was time to get away. I think sometimes, even as much as I hate bug bites and sunburn, I need nature. I need the fresh air. I’m definitely a concrete and brick type of gal, but I do enjoy all the parks that Philly has. Hannah and I went up to Chestnut Hill this time to take some pictures. I always enjoy the drive on Kelly Drive and Lincoln Drive. Winding roads by water are calming.

I’m wearing a few of my favorite things of late. This top I got from a Marshall’s and I’ve loved having it on those 97 degree days last week when the air was too thick to breathe. I’m also wearing my new favorite sandals from Mushmina. It’s a local South Philly store that carries clothing, accessories and little knick knacks from Morocco. One of my favorite stops! These shoes are genuine leather, hand made, and only $60! I’ve gotten lots of compliments on the color.

The bracelet is from Nich Boutique (another Philly secret) and it’s been a staple in my outfits as of late. I actually wore it here too 😛 I love the edginess of it. The purple ring is from one of my favorite jewelry shops Adorn, and the black ring is from Gemma Simone (an online jewelry retailer that offers on trend jewelry under $100!).

I’ve also wanted to apologize about the slow in updates as of late.  Life has kind of gotten away from me, and creating in the midst of chaos has been kind of difficult. In the mean time I’m focusing on what makes me happy, and connecting with people I love.


Shoes // Mushmina
Bracelet // Nich Boutique
Purple Ring // Adorn
Black Ring // Gemma Simone (c/o)
Top // Marshall’s (Similar)

Photography by Hannah Eshleman
Words by Chaucee Stillman
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