Veg Eats: Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Nov 13, 2016

I waited to share this recipe until I achieved the taste and consistency I’ve always looked for in vegetarian bacon, “egg”, and cheese breakfast sandwiches. Back in the day, I loved to pick up a classic breakfast bagel sandwich at a street cart on my way to work. But since giving meat up 2.5 years ago, I’ve had a hard time finding a vegetarian version that is just as tasty and satisfying. But now, I think I’ve found it. And the best thing is, you can make this one at home.


The most important step in making this sandwich is to freeze a block of tofu (I always cut my blocks into three sections long ways since they are pretty thick blocks). The night before you plan to make your sandwich, put the tofu in the fridge to thaw overnight. Freezing tofu helps thicken up the consistency and it holds up better when being cooked.


These are all the ingredients and I use. The only non-vegan item in this bunch is the cheese, which you can easily swap out for vegan cheese. Pictured here is an everything bagel, spinach, mushrooms, smart bacon (it’s vegan!), extra firm tofu, turmeric, smoked paprika, garlic salt, and Sargento swiss cheese.


Here’s how to make it:

  1. I first start by cutting my tofu into a round by using the top edge of a glass. You don’t have to do this step, but I find that the tofu fits better on the bagel this way.
  2. Add some Earth Balance butter to your pan, and once it’s melted add in the tofu. On each side, I sprinkle garlic salt, turmeric, and smoked paprika. I’ve never measured out how much I put on because you can do this step to taste. Cook each side for a minute or so, until there’s a little browning on each side (my preference).
  3. Start toasting the bagel.
  4. Add some more butter, two strips of smart bacon, and mushrooms and cook until finished then turn off the heat. Add a slice of cheese to the tofu and let it melt.
  5. Butter each side of the bagel (another important step to make it tasty) then start building your sandwich! I lay down spinach first, then the tofu with cheese, mushrooms, and bacon.

tofubreakfast-5065 tofubreakfast-5107

And that’s it! A super simple vegetarian version of the bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. If you end up making this, do let me know! I’d love to know what your tastebuds thought.


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