Four Must-Have Chrome Extensions

Jan 8, 2018

Chrome is hands-down my favorite internet browser for multiple reasons. It’s fast, easy to navigate, has great developer tools, and awesome extensions! These four Chrome extensions are ones that I use every day and help with things like grammar, productivity, and online shopping.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters


Honey is the easiest way to check for coupons and apply them at check out when online shopping. I shop online for 80% of my purchases and before I installed the Honey extension I was googling and going to at least 10 coupon sites before checking out online. Honey does the search automatically and saves a bunch of time.


I’m pretty notorious for spelling and grammar errors (you’ve probably caught a few while reading this blog – I try my best but, my bad!). I type faster than my eyes can read! And sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of “eyes” to catch the mistakes. Grammarly helps you become the polished, well-spoken person you are in your mind.

AnyList Recipe Import

I’ve shared how awesome AnyList is before, and the recipe import is one function that adds to the appeal even more. The recipe import button acts like a Pinterest button yet adds in any recipe into your app (the ingredients, instructions, etc) and also is able to add the ingredients used the recipe to your grocery list!


Whenever you open a new tab, be greeted with a beautiful photo, and inspiring quote, and the ability to set your focus for the day. This is a prettier way to surf the web and track your to-dos!


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