Two Apps That Save Time and Headaches

Nov 6, 2017

I’m not one of those people who just have to try every new tech gadget* when it comes out. I’m pretty particular when it comes to spending time on new things mainly because it seems like there is some new platform or app that comes out every day and who has time for that? But there are two apps that I use on the reg that has saved me SO much time and stress headaches.

*did using the term “tech gadget” immediately put me in my 80’s? Hmm, I’m okay with that.


First off, shoutout to my sister for tipping me off to AnyList…good lookin out, sis! One thing you should know about me is that I am a HUGE list maker and rely on my many lists to get me through the day. AnyList is an amazing app that can do many things. I downloaded it over a year ago and was using the free version to create grocery lists, Target lists, To Do lists, vacation lists, places I wanted to visit lists, basically any list I wanted! One thing I loved immediately was that I never ever forgot my grocery list ever again since it now lived on my phone. Plus you still have the satisfaction of crossing things off your list with their nifty red pen function when you tap the item. I’m a hardcore analog user when it comes to pen and paper so this feature actually was exciting to me. ?

THEN I was turned on to to the paid version (which is only $7.99 a year .. I mean c’mon, take my money already!!) and it changed. my. life. First, it comes with a desktop app which made adding things to my list since I can type faster on my computer than on my phone. Second, it has a section for meal planning and third, it can pull recipes right off the internet ( basically it acts like the Pinterest button and imports into AnyList) which imports the photo, ingredients, and steps into the app and then fluidly add those recipes to your meal plan AND grocery shopping list (if you want it to of course). Genius! I’m all about it.


You’d like that keeping a journal since age 7 and writing a blog would mean that I have more of a grasp on grammar. But, it’s something I’ve always struggled with (which I’m sure you’ve been a witness to – sorry!). Thankfully, I discovered this Chrome extension called Grammarly that makes it easy to check for spelling and grammar mistakes while you are typing. If it spots a mistake, simply hover over the word in question and suggested corrections will pop up. You don’t even have to right click! The lazy bum in me loves that aspect. Hope over to their website to see how it works. If you do ANY writing on the internet at all, even just FB posts for family and friends, I highly recommend adding this extension to Chrome. It’s easy and only takes like two clicks.

What apps do you use on the regular? 



by chaucee

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