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Happiness Practice: June

Time goes by so fast, but when I reflect back on all that happened this past month it puts things into perspective. Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough or being productive, but so much has happened over the past 30 days!

In case you missed it, I’m starting a happiness project of sorts (click here to read about it). This is my way of stopping to smell the roses.  I hope you’ll join me.

Here are a few things that made me happy this month.

Adopting Brownie

On June 7th, I officially adopted my foster dog Brownie (middle). Brownie first came to us last September with a whole host of medical issues. The past nine months have been focused on getting her the medical care she needs and recovering from 4 surgeries. She was listed as a hospice care on the rescue’s website, but after improving so much since her last and most extensive surgery, Brownie has bounced back better than ever. She officially became a part of our pack and as you can see, fills out the poodle gradient just perfectly.

Welcoming a New Sister

My brother got married in California last weekend it was a trip to remember! I loved reuniting with my family (we’re all scattered across different states) and spending some time on the beach and in the sun.


Now I know that sounds pretty vague, so more specifically I’m thankful for friends who help out when I really need it the most. When I was in California two of my animals were sick and a friend stepped up to help take them to the vet and care for them while I’m away. Being a “single mom” of four animals comes with a lot of responsibility and I’m so thankful for the extra support and help when needed.

What made you happy this month?




  • A snowstorm is rolling in and it’s the perfect time to get some work done.

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  • Coffe & cuddles.
  • Today I am working on mastering my new client relationship management software @mydubsado!

I'm so excited about using this CRM because it will give me the tools to implement a more seamless onboarding experience and creates a Client Portal for each client where all of our project documents, invoices, and contracts will be easily accessible. What CRM software do you use? #westcodigital
  • So much love on this couch. Happy Valentines Day from Juno, Jax, Rosie & Rainey. ❤️ #cavapoo #cavapoosofinstagram #cavapoogram #cavapoopuppy #cavapoosofinstagram #cavachonsofinstagram #poodle #poodlemix #poodlelove #poodlecrew #poodlepawty #cavoodle #valentines #coalcreekcanyon #colorado
  • I forgot how fun it is to work from home with a cat 😂🙃 #seniorpetsrule #shelterpet #greycat #greycatsrule #greycats #greycatclub #greycatsofinstagram #greycatsclub #seniorcat #seniorcatclub #seniorcats #seniorcatsrock #seniorcatsofig #seniorcatsrule #seniorpetsofig #seniorpets #seniorpet #seniorpetsrock #seniorpetlove #oldcatsrule #oldcats
  • Home. 🖤
  • Chances are you have a friend who owns their own business. Whether it be a brick and mortar shop, a medical practice, or a freelance hustle - support the people you care about! Hire them, pay their actual rate, refer them. And if you can’t do any of that then like and comment on their social media posts to help with the algorithm. Shopping and supporting local doesn’t have to happen one day a year.
  • Being kind and respectful towards yourself in failure leads to new experiences and opportunities. After all, it’s how we all learned to walk. Falling down and getting back up over and over again.

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