Why I Love Winter

Oct 23, 2018

Maybe you clicked on this title because you are in utter shock and horror why anyone would proclaim their love for winter. Afterall, winter is cold, snowy, and dark!

I know it sounds crazy, but winter is my favorite season. Which leaves me with some explaining to do as I’ve only met 3 other people who have said the same thing. Everyone else seems to just straight up be hating on winter all the time, so I wanted to pen a little letter in defense of winter.

I have healthier habits in the wintertime

Because of the time change, I go to bed earlier and rise earlier. Summertime is a lot of parties, barbecues, beer festivals, etc. During the winter I stay in more which leads to healthier habits.

I am more productive

Since I have better time management in the winter due to daylight constraints I find myself becoming more productive in winter months. This is also due to waking up much earlier than I do in the summertime. I have a lot more time to read which always feeds my soul and makes me happier.

Snow makes me happy

Okay, I probably lost you here, but I absolutely love snow. There’s something just so cozy and magical about it! Sure sometimes it can be annoying to have to deal with but I’d take a snowy day over a barren winter day any time.

What’s your favorite season?



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