When Self-Worth Is Based On Healing

Dec 2, 2022

I realized recently that these days I’ve been measuring my self-worth by how compliant I am to my healing journey emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

How well am I healing?

How many times did I choose the “right” thing?

I’ve gone from just trying to survive to nit-picking how good I am at this “healing journey”.

My measure of self-worth is now based on well I’m performing.

Can you relate? It’s kind of a weird place to be.


by chaucee

Hi, I’m Chaucee, the hands behind the words on this screen. I started this blog as a college freshman in 2008 as a creative outlet while studying for my bachelor’s. Since then it’s grown into a way to document things I love and things I’m learning. Welcome : )


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