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Nov 15, 2022

October brought some good reads to my nightstand! Two memoirs, two thrillers, and one fiction. Here’s what I read this month : )

Blood Orange Night: My Journey to the Edge of Madness

By Melissa Bond

“I had no name for what I was feeling, but art did. Art and poetry gave my wounds a home.”

I picked up this book at the Denver airport. It reminded me of another book I loved – Brain on Fire.

This book is a gift and an accomplishment. Melissa Bond started struggling with insomnia as the mother of small children and went to a doctor to see what could be done.

She was prescribed benzodiazepines, a highly addictive drug that affects the central nervous system as a depressant. People can get addicted to benzos after just a couple of days of taking them. What followed was a years-long struggle to get off of benzo.

But her addiction to them didn’t look like typical drug addiction. There were no triggers, no cravings, just the looming threat of fatal seizures if she tapered too quickly.

This memoir takes us along her dark journey of tapering down off of benzos and how she got there in the first place – at the hands of a doctor.



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I’m Glad My Mom Died

by Jennette McCurdy

“Why do we romanticize the dead? Why can’t we be honest about them? Especially moms, they’re the most romanticized of anyone.

Moms are saints, angels by merely existing. No one could possibly understand what it’s like to be a mom. Men will never understand, women with no children will never understand. No one buts moms know the hardship of motherhood and we non-moms must heap nothing but praise upon mom because we lowly, pitiful, non-moms are mere peasants compared to the goddesses we call mothers.”

iCarly was after my time as a kid, but I have seen a few episodes here and there. So when I started seeing this book online, it piqued my interest. It’s quickly become one of my must-reads for 2022.

Jeanette McCurdy was a child star on the Disney show. She had it all – the stage mom, an eating disorder, and her own spin-off show. So why was everything just so fucked up all the time?

This memoir is an honest and raw account of Jeanette’s life as a child actor and the way her relationship with her mom affected her health, physical and mental.

Highly recommend. 5/5


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The Lies I Tell

By Julia Clark

She’s a con artist who becomes whoever you need her to be. Somehow, with ease, she gets you to tell her everything she needs. But nothing about her is real. And by the time she’s gone, you’ve likely lost everything.

Kat, a local journalist, has been waiting for this day. It’s been 10 years since this woman upended her life and she’s determined to be the one to expose her.

This twisted domestic thriller explores the psyches and motivations of two women and their quest for justice, but each in their own way.

I really enjoyed this read! Two strong female lead characters with just the right amount of twists and turns that kept me interested until the end.


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Lessons In Chemistry

Bonnie Garmus

“Whenever you start doubting yourself, whenever you feel afraid, just remember. Courage is the root of change—and change is what we’re chemically designed to do. So when you wake up tomorrow, make this pledge. No more holding yourself back. No more subscribing to others’ opinions of what you can and cannot achieve. And no more allowing anyone to pigeonhole you into useless categories of sex, race, economic status, and religion.”

“Chemistry is change and change is the core of your belief system. Which is good because that’s what we need more of—people who refuse to accept the status quo, who aren’t afraid to take on the unacceptable.”

“But people need to believe in something bigger than themselves.”
“Why?” Calvin pressed. “What’s wrong with believing in ourselves?”

I initially resisted picking this book up. It’s insanely popular and the cover kind of turned me off. But once I read the synopsis and a few reviews. I decided to check it out. And I’m so glad I did!

This is exactly the type of fiction I like – one that features an unusual, plucky, intelligent, and a bit socially awkward female lead.

This book touches on gender roles, sexism, work place harassment, sexual assault, single motherhood, education, religion, and more with such strength and insight. I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for an empowering read of a woman who doesn’t fit the mold and never quite cared to anyways.



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All Good People Here

Ashley Flowers

This book was written by Ashley Flowers, the host of the Crime Junkie podcast, one of the most popular true crime podcasts to date. Having covered hundreds of real life crime cases, I had high expectations for this book. And I wasn’t disappointed. I wouldn’t say it’s the BEST crime novel I’ve read but it was well done with plenty of twists and turns and I really didn’t guess what was coming until the end.

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I hope you enjoyed this roundup! If you did, make sure to follow my bookstagram account over on Instagram. And tell me in the comments – What have you read recently?

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