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Aug 5, 2016


Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend? I’m headed to the Washington coast for my last vacation of the year. We’re doing a girls getaway – me, my sisters, our mom and my baby nephew (he’s the only boy allowed ;D). The weather is looking to be much more enjoyable than back here in Philly and I’m looking forward to reading, cooking, playing games and enjoying one final relaxing vacation before the summer ends. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

You know how I’m obsessed with tiny homes? This one is my new favorite.

Have you watched Chelsea Handler’s new show on Netflix calledĀ Chelsea? It’s a weekly talk show with new episodes released each week. I’mĀ obsessed.

West Elm teamed up with the Commune design firm and and the collection is stunning.

November 25th, save the date! My favorite TV show is coming back!

100 year old portraits of American immigrants.

Love love this home tour. So many beautiful plants!

After seeing this, now I want to repaint my living room.

Whiskey is good for you, it’s science.




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