Colorado Mountain Views

Jan 26, 2017

Snowy Colorado Mountains

Snowy Colorado Mountains

Snowy Colorado Mountains

Hiking In The Snowy Colorado Mountains

Snowy Colorado Mountains

Snowy Colorado Mountains

Snowy Colorado Mountains

Hello again! As you know, I spent the past month in Colorado visiting my family for the holidays. I imagined I would have more time on my hands to finish posts I had started and to finally get cracking on some ideas I had been holding onto. But that month turned into a time to unplug and recharge.

Working in online marketing is a job I truly love and enjoy, but constantly being connected to social media takes a toll. I got to Colorado, and instead of getting straight back to work, I was surrounded by such beauty that I found myself steering away from my laptop and delving into books and outside adventures.

I wanted to share a few photos of you two of my favorite places we visited. The first is Fish Creek Falls – a short hike with amazing views. This time of year the waterfall was frozen into ice, but that only made the scenery that much more magical. The second place is Strawberry Springs, a group of natural hot springs tucked away in the Rocky Mountains.

Natural hot springs in the snowy Colorado mountains

Natural hot springs in the Colorado mountains

How was your holiday season? How are you find the new year? I can’t believe we are already one month in. I’ll be back with more content as the year progresses, including new book reviews, restaurant reviews, and musings and vegetarian recipes.


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