Philly Made: Bluebird Distilling

Oct 26, 2016

Last week I had the opportunity to join a group of Philly bartenders and spirits experts at Bluebird Distilling in Phoenixville, a town just outside of Philadelphia. I tasted their spirits at Martha Bar before so I was excited to see where the magic happens. Here are a few photos from the trip.




Bluebird Distilling was founded in June of 2015 by Jared Adkins, his father, and their close friend Pierre. After years of research, education, and experimentation they bought and renovated an abandoned building on the corner of town and made it into a world-class distillery where they distil their award winning spirits.




There are 8 spirits in the line-up. Here are some quick facts about each:

  • Four Grain Bourbon – Made from a blend of corn, rye wheat and barley. Mashed grains are distilled only once and the bourbon is aged in new charred American oak barrels.

  • White Rye Whiskey – Made from 100% American Rye. Hints of dried cacao with a smooth, dry, and spicy finish.

  • Rye Whiskey – Made from 100% American rye grain. Distilled once in new charred American oak barrels which creates an exceptional blend of sweetness and spice.

  • Wheat Whiskey
  • Sugarcane Rum – Made from 100% American Rye. Hints of dried cacao with a smooth, dry, and spicy finish.

  • Juniperus Gin – First distilled from rye, it is then redistilled and vapor infused with botanicals and spices from around the world. A refreshing blend of cucumber, citric zest, juniper and exotic spices.

  • Vodka – Distilled in small batches inside a copper still with the finest American rye grain. Crisp and refreshing, not the usual vodka.

The Wheat Whiskey, Juniperus Gin and Vodka were my favorite. The gin was especially interesting. It’s spicier than a typical gin, which really makes it stand apart and taste delicious.









If you’re looking for a spot to try some of their spirits Standard Tap, Johnny Brenda’s and Milkboy South are some of the bars that have them on the menu. Let me know what you think!