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My Favorite Purchases of 2017 So Far

If you get excited about everyday products that TOTALLY deliver, this is the post for you.

Hand Steamer

In my pre hand steamer life, I was wearing wrinkled shirts more often than not. It’s not a fact I’m proud of as a home-owning adult, but I’ve never been a fan of ironing clothes for two reasons: 1) it’s a pain to set up and 2) I always seemed to create more wrinkles and creases when ironing. Thanks to his handy dandy hand steamer I’m a much more put together professional adult. It’s like 5 times faster than ironing and portable! I take this baby wherever I go, even if it’s for a weekend trip away. Have electricity, will steam!

Spray Deodorant

I didn’t know that deodorant had the ability to change. my. life. and at the risk of being dramatic…it totally has. Hear me out. You know how stick deodorants leave a residue? It’s a little bit slimy and would get worse as sweating started. The Dove Spray Deodorant is the most lightweight and effective deodorant I’ve ever tried and I’m never going back to stick deodorant. It goes on clear, so no stains on clothing anymore, and the antiperspirant actually works. For like, hours. Before finding that Dove worked best, I tried the Degree MotionSense Spray Deodorant.  It didn’t come out clear and was more like a white foam that got all over my clothing and left little crumbles deodorant behind on the skin. Not cute.

Facial Razors

The only negative thing about facial razors is that ever since getting one I have become obsessed with peach fuzz. OBSESSED. My facial hair has always been blond and not really noticeable (or at least I think so) but now it MUST go. No strand left behind! Besides being able to take care of the mustachio, I primarily use these razors to clean up the edges along my eyebrow. You know all those tiny minuscule hairs that are SO hard to pluck but somehow show up in the light of day? Dunzo.

What everyday products do you use and couldn’t go without?

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