Learning Latte Art at La Colombe

Mar 18, 2015

Last Saturday I fancied myself a barista. La Colombe, a local coffee shop, roastery and distillery (yes they make booze too!) hosted a workshop on latte art. Let me tell you, it’s a LOT harder than it looks.

For the afternoon we had two instructors: Jonathan Amos, the lead coffee educator at La Colombe and Harry Winkler who works in the Roastery.

First we started off with the basics: how to pull a proper espresso, milk preparation and steaming, and the principles of making the perfect latte and cappuccino. Then we moved on to swans, rosettas, tulips, and hearts.
I know it’s a close call, but can you guess which one I made?
THAT is a swan you guys. A swan!

Every month La Colombe hosts a variety of classes in both DC and Philadelphia. The next class is March 28th at their Philadelphia location on Frankford ave where they’ll talk about the different ways to home brew coffee.

If you can’t make it out to that but still want to get a taste of La Colombe, stop by the Public Cupping this Friday at their locations in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and DC.
While you may not find me behind a bar any time soon, at least I know how to make a latte. Just don’t ask me to show you.


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