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It’s Good To Cry … Over Everything

I’m here to advocate for crying over everything.


Here’s why.

I’ve come to realize (based on science and more science and even more science) that crying is great for your health, physically and mentally.

And crying does not require tragedy, sadness, or something bad to initiate it.

Crying is a release of emotion…any emotion!

But, crying means something is wrong right?

It means that something bad happened or something needs to be fixed.

Because if things were good, you wouldn’t be crying right?

I’ve recently decided to look at crying as a release of energy and a way to process stress, instead of a sign that something is wrong.

In my sober curious journey, I’ve found a lot of relief in crying. It feels like a pressure valve release.

At first, it still felt incredibly uncomfortable and I tried to stop my crying sessions ASAP. Because they’re uncomfortable when you’re conditioned to think crying is a bad thing!

Did you know that our tears actually contain stress hormones (Harvard Health)? Crying is the body’s way to process through and release stress!

Isn’t that amazing?! You are literally expelling stress hormones through your eye ducts! How cool is the human body? (resource)

What can you cry about today?

I think I’m gonna cry about missing my nephews.

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Lifestyle, Mental Health, Personal


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