How I Ended Up Living In A Log Cabin

Sep 9, 2018

After selling my first home in North Philadelphia, I definitely wasn’t envisioning buying a log cabin. I always pictured myself in the mountains of Colorado, and while I love the charm of log cabins, I pictured them as more of a hunter’s retreat…heavy with dark wood and not a ton of natural light.

You know how some people say that they “just knew” when they met the one? Well, I had that exact same feeling…except with real estate. Twice.

The first time was when I bought my first home in North Philadelphia. It was a beautiful three story rowhome in Kensington with exposed brick walls on all three floors, tons of natural light, and a beautiful backyard.

The second time I had that feeling was when I stepped inside this quirky little cabin. It just immediately felt like home.

I’m not sharing this as a way to show how amazing my life appears to be, but as a reminder that you’ll never know what your life will look like. A year ago today I was living in North Philadelphia and today I’m building a life in the Colorado Rockies. I feel so incredibly thankful to call this place home. 



by chaucee

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