Holiday Gifts for Mountain Women

Nov 15, 2022

It’s been a while since I’ve done a gift guide, but inspiration struck this year, so I’ve decided to make a few!

First up, gifts for the mountain woman in your life. Don’t have one? Go find one! They’re good peeps, I highly recommend.

Also, can you tell I centered this gift guide around warmth? 😂

Warm Winter Boots


Here’s what I look for in boots: warmth, waterproof, easy to put on, and easy to walk in (not too heavy or clunky). I own several Sorel boots and they always hit the mark.

Smart Wool Socks

Cushion Stripe Crew Sock

I know, socks sound like a boring gift, but Smart Wool socks are * magic *. They somehow keep your feet the perfect temperature – warm or

Warm Sherpa Slippers

Australian Merino Sheepskin Soft-Sole Slippers

I didn’t grow up in a home where you had to take your shoes off before walking in the house. However, since living in the mountains, I always do it because I live on a dirt road, and with the mud, rocks, and snow getting stuck to my boots, I now have “house shoes” that I immediately put on before walking through my house.

Warm Mittens

Arctic Paw Faux Fur Mittens

I recently bought these mittens for myself, and they are incredibly soft and warm.

Plaid Flannels

 Insulted Flannel from L.L. Bean | Flannel from Duluth Trading Co

Plaid flannels are a MUST for mountain women. They’re warm, they’re functional, they have pockets, and you don’t care if it gets dirty.

Warm Blanket

Cabin Hooded Throw | Cabin Fleece Throw

Anything cozy, anything that helps you stay warm, anything that helps you use less firewood is a go in my book.

Cabin Candle

Cabin Candle Spruce

Let’s add a little ambiance here and throw in a cute candle to this guide.


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