Happiness Project: June 2022

Jul 6, 2022

June. The start of summer and long days with warm nights. Here’s what brought me joy this month.

Jax and I flew to Phoenix at the beginning of the month to celebrate my sister-in-law graduating from veterinary school and becoming a Doctor! It was fun to celebrate with the family and have some time away from the cabin.

For Pride month I celebrated by purchasing a handmade rainbow ring I’ve had my eye on from Etsy.


There were some insane sunsets this month of June which I always feel super thankful for. It’s not every day we get stunning sunsets, just when the clouds are out for display!

I got to see my nephews 3 weekends this month which was such a treat! They showed me their new greenhouse where they’re growing vegetables and herbs.

What brought you joy in June?



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by chaucee

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