Growing Pains

Jul 15, 2016


Hey! If you’re reading this from a subscription site, then you might want to make the jump over to We have a brand new look! By we, I mean…myself. But it just sounded weird to say “I have a brand new look!”.

Either way.

Welcome to the new site! Back in the blogging dark ages of 2008, I began Streets & Stripes on It served me well and I still recommend it to the budding blogger, but we outgrew each other. I’ve been dreaming of hopping over to WordPress for sometime now. The expanded capabilities and control over everything really appealed to my inner geek.

So here we are!

Now, if you know anything about transferring/migrating/importing/exporting anything then you’ll know it comes with a few kinks. And boy, *we* have a few! I’ve re-formatted as many posts as I could without loosing my mind, and I’ll continue updating them as time goes on, so please bear with me!

If you are having any issues with the new re-design then please email me at!