Our Family Christmas Tradition

Dec 7, 2016


Every year for as long as I can remember, on Christmas Eve us kids would get to open one present…Christmas pajamas. That may not sound too exciting, but to us falling asleep in fresh new jammies, usually colored red, white or green, added to the excitement of waking up on Christmas morning.

My mom would always make up different pajama themes each year. There were some good ones and some bad ones…like the time she thought those furry sweatpant-like-legging-things that are now known in the family as the Mr. Tumnus pants were a good idea.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? One tradition I’ve always wanted to try is JolabokaflodIt’s a tradition in Iceland called the “Christmas Book Flood” where books are exchanged the night of Christmas Eve. Cozy pajamas and a new book sound like the perfect pairing to me!