Elk Neck Creek Camping

Oct 7, 2017

Camping is hands down one of my favorite activities. Especially when the air starts to crisp and call for a fire at night. Two weekends ago I headed down to Elk Neck, Maryland with friends to spend the weekend away in the woods. I always walk away from camping feeling refreshed, happier, and calmer. Here are a few photos from our trip.

One pleasant surprise about this campsite was that we had no cell service. Normally that’s not something that I’m necessarily looking for in a campsite, but honestly, it was nice to not have that nagging feeling of checking notifications and responding to people. It was also nice to give each other our full attention and not feel distracted while we spend time together. I wish more moments were like that.

There was a lighthouse nearby our campsite and while on the walk to the top we came across a field of beautiful monarch butterflies. I love being able to see such beauty up close.

Elk Neck is only 1.5 hours from Philadelphia, so if you’re looking for a quick trip away from the city, I definitely recommend checking this place out! The campgrounds have a bit more space between them than other campgrounds I’ve been to so there’s more privacy.


by chaucee

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