4 Houseplants I’ve Managed To Keep Alive

Jun 7, 2017

It’s taken me years of dead plants to find the ones I’ve been able to keep alive. Sometimes it’s just that – trial and error. I’m one of those plant moms that do best with low maintenance plants, both in light and water requirements. Here are four I’ve managed to keep alive for at least a year, some even longer.

Rubber Plant

This is a plant that does great with bright light and morning sun. Both of my rubber plants are sitting at the window that gets plenty of sunlight. This plant tends to dry out quickly so appreciates regular watering.

Snake Plant

*Don’t mind the chewed off parts courtesy of my puppy*?

The snake plant is probably the easiest plant I’ve ever had. It can stand quite a bit of neglect and doesn’t require tons of sunlight. It’s also drought resistant which is great for forgetful plant owners!


Jade plants are pretty low maintenance and prefer indirect sunlight. Allow the soil to dry out in between waterings – about every 10 days or so.


There are several different kinds of philodendrons, and so far I’ve managed to keep them all alive! They’re also pretty resilient plants who prefer bright light, but indirect. So a spot near a window without sun rays directly on them will be perfect.



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