Desert Botanical Gardens

Feb 25, 2019

Arizona never struck me as a beautiful destination, that is, until I got there. I booked my trip for late February (I wasn’t ready for Arizona summer heat) and it was perfect timing. I left behind ten degree weather and a foot of snow in the Rocky Mountains for the desert heat of Phoenix.

My favorite part of this trip (besides spending time with family) was going to the Desert Botanical Gardens. It was unlike any botanical garden I’ve ever been to across the US.

Because of Arizona’s arid weather, this garden was able to sustain and grow a variety of unique succulents and cacti. Some of these plants were over 100 years old! Did you know that it takes a cactus 75 years to sprout one arm?!

We decided to attend the Devour Culinary Classic event at the gardens this past weekend. There couldn’t have been a more beautiful venue as the backdrop for tasting delicious cuisine from some of the finest chefs in the city.

Thanks for the great time, Arizona! I’ll be back … but probably only during winter : P

by chaucee

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