Colorado Eats: Decent Bagel

Nov 7, 2022

I live near the small town of Nederland, Colorado which is one of the closest small mountain towns in Denver, Colorado. There’s about 1500 yearly residents and a small handful of shops, restaurants, and breweries. So when a new business comes to town, it’s an exciting thing!

Decent Bagel opened in Nederland in 2021 and it’s quickly become my favorite spot for breakfast bagel sandwiches. Owned by New Yorkers, it was born out of a desire for a decent bagel sandwich stop before heading out for mountain adventures.

Baking anything having to do with bread at a higher altitude requires a certain finesse. The climate is dryer, and there’s less air pressure at higher altitudes so baking times and ingredient measurements often need to be tweaked. Decent Bagel has absolutely mastered its process of baking bagels at altitude.

My favorite is the classic everything bagel toasted with egg, cheddar cheese, and scallion cream cheese. I’m pretty picky about my everything bagels and I often find there’s not enough seasoning on them, but Decent Bagel’s hits just right.

They have such a cute little shop on 2nd Street in downtown Nederland that you can’t miss with the hot pink painted brick. There’s enough space inside for about 20-ish patrons to sit down and eat.

They have a small selection of knick knacks to buy as well as sweet treats and merch. So before you head up the mountain to skii at Eldora, make sure to fuel up at Decent Bagel.

P.S. – The owners are also opening up another shop in Ned which I can’t wait to check out!


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