Boundaries For The Holiday Season

Nov 29, 2021

I’ve never sat down and thought about my¬†own holiday traditions. Have you? Being single, I just went with whatever my family was doing. But when I read this post on setting boundaries around the holidays it got me to thinking…what do I want my holiday season to look like? How do I want to celebrate the season?

Here’s what I have so far…

I make time for myself every day.

I make time for my morning routine.

If I feel stressed, I give myself permission to take a break.

At this time, I choose to feel rest and relaxation.

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by chaucee

Hi, I’m Chaucee, the hands behind the words on this screen. I started this blog as a college freshman in 2008 as a creative outlet while studying for my bachelor’s. Since then it’s grown into a way to document things I love and things I’m learning. Welcome : )

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