7 Bookstagrammers To Follow

Dec 12, 2017

These days I end up finding books to read on Instagram. There are some really great bookstagrams out there and each one has their own little niche. Here are a few book Instagrammers to follow to find your next favorite read!


Lauren is one of the fastest readers on Instagram! She’s always posting new reads and recent favorites. Follow for fiction, popular reads, memoirs, and suspense.


Well Read Black Girl shines a spotlight on the talented women of the African Diaspora. Also, make sure to check out their list of top 50 books of 2017.


This is where I post my recent reads and favorite books! I started Philly Book Club a year ago and it has opened up such an incredibly community of fellow bookworms. I love sharing my love for reading, discovering new reads, and dicussing books with fellow readers! Follow for memoirs, thrillers, and feminist reads.


Amber works in tourism PR and also writes the blog Space on Third. I love her taste in books and always find new reads to add to my list! Follow for fiction, YA, memoirs and more.


Paige and I have similar interests in books so I always discover new reads on her account as well as see some posts of my favorites!


Dedicated to sharing well-known and unknown black literature written across the world. This bookstagram has some great suggestions and I look forward to the new books they discover and share!


The only publisher on this list, Viking Books publishes some of my favorite fiction and nonfiction books. I love getting a peak of books to come from their account which steadily grows my reading list!





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