2018 Reading Challenge

Jan 3, 2018

A common goal I hear is the desire to read more books (it’s always been my goal too!). This year if you’re looking to make a dent in your reading pile and discover new books, consider joining the @PhillyBookClub 2018 Reading Challenge!

The Challenge

Let’s keep things simple and select a theme for each month. Each month read a book that fits the topic below and share what you’re reading by posting a photo on Instagram and using the #PhillyBookClub hashtag! Each month I’ll do a post sharing books for each topic (here on the blog and on Instagram). Keep an eye out for January’s list coming soon!

The Topics

  • January: Memoir (See book suggestions here)
  • February: A book that features a POC main character.
  • March: A book written by a POC woman.
  • April: A book that’s been made into a movie
  • May: Mental Health
  • June: A book that’s been sitting on your shelf.
  • July: Written by a person who identifies as LGBTQIA.
  • August: True Crime
  • September: A book written by an immigrant.
  • October: A book featuring a character with a disability.
  • November: Political Book
  • December: A book published posthumously

Share What You’re Reading!

One of my favorite parts of doing a communal reading challenge is that you get to share and see what others are reading as well! This is a great way for us all to discover new books and expand our reading horizons! To join in on the fun post a photo on Instagram using the #PhillyBookClub hashtag! I can’t wait to spend this new year buried in good books : )


For a visual way to keep track of your progress download this free reading challenge worksheet! Write down the title of the book you selected each month and hang it in a place you pass by daily as a reminder of your reading goal. I’m hanging mine up by my desk.

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