On Feeling Stuck

Oct 21, 2021

Making decisions used to take me a LOT longer.

I was worried about messing things up and making the wrong choice or losing out on opportunities.

I would typically poll 3-5 people to feel assured that I was making the right decision before moving forward. Looking back on it, I wasn’t trusting myself and my inner intuition.

What helped me do things like move across the country, live in a log cabin, decide to go enroll in grad school to get my master’s degree was this one mindset shift: I can always make new decisions. I am not stuck anywhere.

If I hate grad school, I can leave. If I don’t want to live in Colorado anymore, I can move.

Sure things aren’t as simple as that, and yet it truly is just simple as that!

Yes, you’ll have to figure out the logistics, as with anything, but it IS possible to make new decisions and effect change in your life.

We make the best decisions we can with the information we have, and we can always make new decisions.


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