No Alcohol & No Nicotine November

Oct 26, 2021

Today I’m committing to no alcohol and no nicotine during November.

I don’t really know if that’s a thing, but it sounds like a thing?

Either way, it’s happening.

I stumbled into Sober September by being sick for the first two weeks of September (having the flu during a global pandemic is NOT advised for one’s anxiety).

I thought since I already have two weeks down by default ( it’s amazing how sleeping all day and chugging Mucinex are really effective at preventing smoking and drinking) I may as well finish out the rest of the month and then BAM, that’s how I got 34 days consecutively of not smoking or drinking (hasn’t happened since 2017).

I was pretty stoked!

And then October rolled around and some family stuffed came up and I was awash in fear, anger, shame, and hurt. Quadruple whammy.

I didn’t drink a LOT in October, but I did have a few days here and there.

I remember feeling really good a few weeks ago – when I hit day 34 of no wine and no cigarettes. I was sleeping better, my skin looked AMAZING, I had more happy moments (felt like the depression fog was clearing a lil bit) and my creativity came back. I was drawing, writing, playing music, singing…all the stuff I stopped doing just for the pleasure of it a while ago. For me, that’s been the most rewarding – getting my inspiration back.

This is why I’m recommitting to no alcohol and no nicotine for the month of November. Yes, including Thanksgiving! (Send me prayers)




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