Weekend Reads

Snowy day in a Philadelphia park || streetsandstripes.com

This past week Philadelphia had a “snowstorm” of sorts. We were gearing up for 4-8 inches of snow, so all the schools were shut down and everyone went into hibernation mode. In the end, we only got two inches of snowfall and the skies cleared and was a beautiful bright blue in the afternoon. But all of the hype about snow had me yearning for Colorado again.

Here are a few links you may have missed from around the web this week including home decor, beautiful libraries, and the first bookstore opening in the South Bronx. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

What are you reading for Black History Month? Philly blogger Amber pulled together a great book list.

Over 1.4 million people live in the South Bronx and there are no bookstores to be found. One woman is changing that.

6 of the world’s most stunning libraries.

How I decorated my home and found my favorite pieces while on a budget.

“Why on earth do I have a void in my soul that can only be filled by something masochistic?” – My Lush Sobriety.

“I’m Pro-Life and Pro-Reguee.”

I published my online portfolio last week for my work as a social media manager and photographer!