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The Benefits of Joining a Book Club

Perhaps you are thinking about joining a book club. Is it worth the effort and time? Will it just become another failed attempt to stick with something?

I hear you.

Choosing to do something outside of your comfort zone means pushing and challenging yourself in new ways which can be uncomfortable.

I’m a big believer in making room for things in your life that are important to you, and only you can decide what deserves your time. However, if I may…I’d love to share several benefits of joining a book club and how it can be a positive part of your life!

Developing In-Person Relationships

One thing we don’t have enough of in our technology-driven world is connecting with other people in person and not through a screen. The value of this is immeasurable.

As the Harvard Women’s Health Watch reported, “Dozens of studies have shown that people who have satisfying relationships with family, friends and their community are happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer.”

Meeting regularly with friends not only provides the opportunity to cultivate and deepen those friendships but it also can introduce you to new friends and experiences.

Prioritizes Learning & Expanding Your Mind

One of my favorite HONY posts of all time is of this woman whose advice could change the world…

“Read books by people you disagree with.”

Joining a book club increases your chances of being exposed to new books you might not have read otherwise. One of my favorite book clubs I’ve ever attended had this neat rule … everyone could read whatever they wanted and when we showed up to the meeting we would each have a couple minutes to share about the book we are reading, what we like or don’t like about it, and read aloud a few passages. I learned about at least 5 new books every week (depending on how many people came to the meeting) and it was fun to hear how my friends were impacted by what they were reading!

Actually Making A Commitment

People are flakes – don’t be one. But also don’t give yourself hell if your dog gets sick or you really just need an introvert night. But do your best to show up and be an active member of your book club when you can. You get what you put into it and practicing consistency is important.

Fostering Your Reading Habit

One great strategy to read more is accountability. Reading has been proven to reduce stress, foster self-improvement, develop stronger analytical skills, and improve memory. Lifelong learning enhances our understanding of the people and the world around us, and provides more opportunities and improves quality of life. Bottom line is reading is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.


So whether or not you’re ready to join a book club, there are other ways to read more books…

Have you ever been in a book club? What did you like or not like about it? 




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  • “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” –Maya Angelou #mondaymotivation
  • I recently decided to write down my values - the principles that act as a foundation for everything I do. When things get tough, these are the values I re-read, the ones that ground me and steer me in the right direction.

Transparency - Communicate honestly with compassion.

Dedication - Work Hard. Innovate.

Servant’s Heart - Treat others with respect. Follow the golden rule.

Quality - What I do, I do well.

Integrity - Be real.

What values resonate with you?
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  • Lines are done, shading next week. This tattoo is made up of local ferns and flowers that are found in my neck of the woods.

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  • Moving across the country has taught me a lot. It will show you who your true friends are. Having Danielle and Alex here this past week has reminded me what true connection feels like. Friends who see you, who know you, and who love you. I’m still establishing myself here in Colorado and as an introvert who works from home, it can be tough to find those connections. I’m so thankful for these two and the support they give me. Can’t wait to reunite again soon! But next time with our missing link - @hannah.eshleman 😊🥰

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