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Every year my Mom comes up with a clever way to keep us kids from finding out which presents are ours. One year she used pictures, one year she used a complicated number code that we had to crack, and this year she’s doing this

Every Wednesday is Family Day at Salvation Army which means that every tag except one is 50% off! I found this little gem for $10! It definitely needs some touching up but I’m excited to restore it and find a home for it in our apartment.

We’ve been getting into the mood around here lately and decided to decorate the house with some lights, a fur tree and a few Santas here and there 😀 More photos after the jump! *The picture on the left is the way we do our

This is what I wore the day we went to NYC. I decided to bundle up and focus on warm rather than wearing cute tights and ballet flats. I admire the women who have the strength to do this, but this time I was feeling

For all those out there who are a smidgen behind on the holiday shopping here’s a little gift guide for you! These presents are perfect for the girl who loves to get cappuccinos in the morning, read a book in a cafe, dreams of European travels and enjoys


  • Today I raked up fallen leaves, power sprayed pollen off of my log cabin, did a bunch a house projects and am now ending the day with a marg and tacos. Sunday’s are my favorite. Also power washing is WAY too fun/oddly satisfying.
  • Home sweet home.
  • Mountain mornings. #coalcreekcanyon #goldenco #visitcolorado #mountainliving #cabinlife
  • Mountains and mugs and mountains ON mugs.
#mountainliving #cocalcreekcanyon #visitcolorado #goldencolorado #rockymountains #morningcoffee #coffeewithaview #mountainsandmugs
  • "Hannah. Hurry up. There are people coming." #heardonthetrail
  • When bae is in town you take your matching tattoos for a hike.
  • This bar is my spirit animal. Books and booze.
#whyilovecolorado #visitcolorado #coloradogram #colorfulcolorado #coloradolive #coloradotography #viewcolorado #wanderout #getoutstayout #outtherecolorado #colorado_creative #naturalcolorado #wildwest #mountains #mountainscape #liveoutdoors #adventure #weekendadventure #stayandwader #viewsfromcolorado #arvadacolorado #schoolhousebar
  • What a crew.

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