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On My Nightstand: Gone Girl & Wild

Both of these books have been the attention of recent press. I’ve heard so many good things about Gone Girl that I had to check it out. I first heard about Wild from the trailer of the film isn’t being made in to (starring Reese Witherspoon) and the premise remind me a bit of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love.

Wild was … okay. I think I was comparing it to Eat, Pray, Love and it didn’t hold up, which was probably a completely unfair comparison but it left me a little wanting. I also ended up disliking the main character, Cheryl herself, as she was brutally honest about the ways she has failed and hurt other people. But I think that was because I saw a bit of herself in me and I didn’t like that. Overall it was a good book and I wouldn’t discourage anyone from reading it, but it wouldn’t be in my firsts to recommend either.

I typically don’t read books like Gone Girl. I had a hard time watching “Lord of the Rings” (I know) so needless to say I’m not one for thrill or suspense. But this book was just the right balance where it didn’t push me over the edge, but made me a little skittish when reading it home alone at night (although many things scare me when I’m home alone at night like closed doors to empty bedrooms). The ending was a bit stretched for my liking. It wasn’t as believable as I want it to be. But overall I was really engaged the whole time and read it pretty quickly.

What are you reading?




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