My Only Resolution For 2016

I’ve decided this is the year I’m finally going to do it.

I have only one resolution this year, and that is to quit smoking.

The other night I came across a notebook while cleaning out my bookshelf that I had completely forgotten about. Inside I had written down goals for 2015. One of them was to quit smoking. That was incredibly disheartening to read because in the 365 days that followed that journal entry…I didn’t. And here I am again, a year later, in the exact same place. No progress whatsoever.

Life Changes & New Routines

I’m left my job, one that I’ve loved, for the past two and a half years a week ago for another opportunity that allows me to work from home, travel more, and will increase my quality of living. I’m excited about this new direction in my life and can’t wait to start this next chapter.

I read somewhere before that it’s helpful to change habits when embarking on a new life change. So since I’ll be starting a whole new routine and making my own schedule, I think it could help me to quit smoking by establishing this new routine without that habit.

The Plan

In addition to habit substitution I talked to my doctor to see if there is anything else I can do to support myself when detoxifying my body from this addiction. We have a plan in place and I have my fingers crossed. Ā I usually smoke when I’m stressed or depressed, but I need to start dealing with those emotions in another way other than smoking cigarettes, aka slowly killing myself. So far I’ve been smoke free for 10 days, the longest time I have gone in years!

I’m curious to know…have you quit smoking or another addiction?

What helped you?