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A New Addicting Podcast

It’s no secret that I have a slight addiction to podcasts (see here, here, and here). But lately, I’ve been listening to the same programs over and over again and have felt an itching for something new. This new (to me) podcast I found has me hooked. I think you guys will enjoy it too.

If you like hearing about other people’s stories, podcasts that discuss life issues, and a humorous host, then you need to check out Terrible, Thanks For Asking. Hosted by author Nora McInerny of It’s Okay To Laugh (Crying Is Okay Too), this podcast meets people through different walks of life with different struggles, secrets, and life experiences to talk about the pain, joy, and humanness of life.

To get you started here are a few of my favorite episodes…

  • Forever Alone Part 1 and Part 2. Meet chronically single Chelsea who seems like a great catch but is having a hard time finding lasting love. Follow her story through a new relationship that comes with a new set of complications she’s never dealt with before.
  • Me, Too – Radio personality Danni Starr shares her battle with extreme postpartum depression and how it led her to a place she never expected.
  • The Ending Matters – Nora’s husband died at age 35 from terminal brain cancer. In this episode, she talks with Dan Maynard, husband of Brittany Maynard, who also died from terminal brain cancer at age 29. But their deaths didn’t happen the same way. Brittany Maynard was a pioneer in the death with dignity movement and here two surviving spouses come together to talk about what it was like to watch the person you love the most die from terminal brain cancer and the weight of choice.
  • Happy(ish) Holidays – This is a great episode to listen to if you aren’t one for the holidays. Sometimes it’s best to buck tradition and find your own way forward.

Hope you enjoy them! What podcasts are you listening to?




  • A snowstorm is rolling in and it’s the perfect time to get some work done.

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  • Coffe & cuddles.
  • Today I am working on mastering my new client relationship management software @mydubsado!

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  • Home. 🖤
  • Chances are you have a friend who owns their own business. Whether it be a brick and mortar shop, a medical practice, or a freelance hustle - support the people you care about! Hire them, pay their actual rate, refer them. And if you can’t do any of that then like and comment on their social media posts to help with the algorithm. Shopping and supporting local doesn’t have to happen one day a year.
  • Being kind and respectful towards yourself in failure leads to new experiences and opportunities. After all, it’s how we all learned to walk. Falling down and getting back up over and over again.

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