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My Must-Have Pup Products


Seeing that it’s National Dog Day, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pup products that have earned a permanent spot in my dog chest. Yes, I have an entire piece of furniture in my living room dedicated to all dog things. See here:


I got this mid-century media console from the West Elm Outlet in Lancaster, PA (a little piece of heaven on earth) and it’s filled to the brim with dog food, toys, treats, leashes, dog shampoo, and all of Jax and Juno’s medication and medical records. Call me a crazy dog lady, but this helps me stay organized and keeps things out of sight.


So what’s inside the dog chest? These are four products that I recommend to every dog owner, from great dane to chihuahua.

Collapsible Dog Bowl

This product is a must-have in the summer heat. Whenever we head to our favorite dog park just over the bridge in Jersey, I always make sure to bring along this collapsible dog bowl and a bottle of water. Making sure my fluffy pups stay hydrated is essential especially since they have thick coats.

Canine Friendly Harness

This is hands-down the best dog harness I’ve ever used, and I went through a ton in the beginning. It’s uncomplicated to put on, and the harness centers the weight across the chest, making it easier for me to correct Jax or Juno if they’re pulling too hard without doing any harm to them.

Dog Food Can Lid

If you use wet food for your pup, this dog food can is an essential. They have several layers of rings on the underside which guarantees a fit to almost any sized can.

Microfiber Towel

I used to put off bathing Juno because she hated it, which made me hate it. But she despises the hair dryer even more, so this microfiber towel really comes in handy. It’s super absorbent and now her coat dries in half the time since so much moisture is absorbed by the towel!

Do you have any must-have pup products you keep on hand? I’d love to know!  




  • How your website can save you TIME.

There is only so much time in the day. And as entrepreneurs, that time seems to magically shrink. Raise a 🤚🏻 if you agree!

While we can’t add more hours onto the day (but someone plz work on that) we CAN change the way we work.

A lot of people are surprised when I say that having a website can *save you time* growing your business.

In their experience, a website has only been a headache and never exactly what they want.

Think of it like this…

Your website is essentially having a conversation with a person that is interested in your services.

Expressing empathy, understanding their struggles, offering a solution and answering their questions is all a part of the conversation you would have with a potential customer in person or on the phone.

When your website is set up to strategically walk potential customers through your company and how you can help them, it increases their trust in you and saves you time in the long run by having it all in once place, readily available at all times.

Time otherwise spent answering these questions or presenting your services can now be allocated to other priorities.

Your website could be a money-making MACHINE, closing deals left and right.

Not bad right?

Curious how that can happen for you?

Tap the link in my bio to schedule your free discovery call to see how we can get YOUR website working JUST as hard as you are at growing your business.

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  • You deserve a seat at the table.

You deserve more than a foot in the door.

You’ve put hours and hours into building your business, and now it's time to share it with the world.

Your message is WAY too important to get lost in the competition. It's way too important for a bad website.

In today’s ever increasing online world, your website is your home base, and one of your greatest marketing tools.

Use it to find your people.

To genuinely help others.

To help your growth building efforts pay off.

To have the lifestyle you want to live.

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  • Now booking for projects starting in the first half of July 2020!

I've been working with some amazing clients lately and am looking forward to opening my books back up!

If you're looking for a beautiful website that will captivate and convert visitors into clients, that would launch mid to end of August, then book your free discovery call via the link in my profile.

I have a few more exciting things in the works that I can't wait to share with you! Some big shifts in how I work and serve my website clients. Can't wait to share it with you! And if you want to be the first to know, my newsletter link is in the bio too.✨ #websitestrategy #websitetips #webdesigntips #designtips #webstrategy #webdesign #webdesigner #webdeveloper #webdevelopment #wordpress #wordpressdesigner #womenintech #learntocode #girlswhocode #remotework #workfromhome #denverco #boulderco #goldenco #coloradodesigner #coloradowebdesign #workfromwherever #womenwhohustle #smallbiztips #marketingstrategy
  • How to prepare for a website re-design so you maximize your results.

First, start with an audit of your current website.

What do you like?

What do you like not?

Is your site mobile responsive?

Does it reflect your branding well?

If you could have your DREAM website what would that look like?

What results would it be generating for your business?

Starting with strategy FIRST when designing a new website sets your site up to deliver the results you need.

My blog has a *ton* of free resources and articles on web design and website strategy. Tap the link in my bio to read or sign up for the newsletter so they’re delivered to your inbox weekly.

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  • Tonight’s sunset.

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  • We're in the thick of it.

I read this quote this morning and was encouraged by it.

Days can be be tough, but they're stringing together moments and years that have value and can teach us.

Now that we are on day 60+ of quarantine, how are you doing?

How is your business doing?

What could you use support around?

Sometimes Instagram can feel like screaming into an empty, echoing, cavern. But know that I'm here for you.

I genuinely love talking to other entrepreneurs about their business. In fact it's one of my favorite things to do - brainstorm how to support others in growing their business.

If you could use some extra support at this time, take advantage of my free, no-strings-attached, homepage audit where together we'll identify three things you can shift on your website's homepage to increase conversions.

These go fast each week and I want to help as many biz owners as possible with this, so don't wait to save your spot via the link in profile!

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  • In order to have a website that generates quality leads consistently, then every single page on your website needs a goal.

For example, the goal of your homepage is to direct visitors towards your services/sales page.

The goal of the sales page is to get visitors to book a call or submit an inquiry.

The goal of a contact page is to make it super easy to get in touch with you.

But how do you get visitors to actually take ACTION?

Ditch the passive call to actions like “learn more” and use direct language in your call to actions like “enroll now, book today, get started now”. Do you need some clarity around what call to actions you should use to increase homepage conversions? Then check out my Homepage Advantage free call!

During this free 20 minute Zoom call we’ll go over three things you can shift on your website to increase conversions and start generating leads asap.

I only do three of these a week and they go quickly so save your spot today via the link in my profile!

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  • Just nature putting a smile on my face on the way back home from town.

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