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My Favorite Food Blogs + Recipes

Cooking is scary. And dangerous! Dealing with open flames and sharp knives is not for the faint of heart. I used to be terrified of ovens. I hated going near them and always called in backup when it was time to retrieve the casserole. So over the past two years I’ve intentionally gone near the oven and stepped up my kitchen skills trying to make delicious homemade meals that didn’t put anyone’s life at risk.

I couldn’t have learned much without the help of my patient mother who graciously answered all of my help! the kitchen is burning! again!! phone calls. But I’ve also learned a thing or two from my favorite food bloggers. In case you’re a novice cook like myself, I wanted to pass along some of my favorite recipes from my three favorite food bloggers that I’ve faithfully followed over the years. Warning: do not read on an empty stomach. I warned you!


Pioneer Woman

Before there were the Buzzfeed step-by-step recipes, there was Ree Drummond. A city gal living in the country, Ree regularly cooks family meals and shares her delicious recipes on her blog called The Pioneer Woman. She posts step-by-step photos which are super helpful, especially when trying something new. I’ve never cooked a bad meal when following one of her recipes. That means they’re easy to follow along and uses accessible ingredients.

Here are my favorite recipes from Ree that I’ve used again and again: Slow Cooker Broccoli Cheddar SoupYogurt Cream & BerriesBlack Eyed Pea Salsa.


Minimalist Baker

Dana is my go-to food blogger when it comes to vegan and vegetarian recipes. She’s perfected the art of plant-based cooking and baking without compromising on taste or texture. My favorite recipes are her vegan cinnamon rollsvegan mac and cheese and the best vegan tofu scramble I’ve ever had.


A Beautiful Mess

I know that ABM isn’t technically just a food blog, but sisters Elise and Emma know their way around the kitchen. I love how their recipes are always straightforward and uncomplicated, but completely delicious. I’d recommend trying the Vegetarian Cheeseburger Pizza, this Rosemary Grapefruit Sparkler cocktail and the S’mores Ice Cream Bomb.




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