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My Favorite Books in 2015

As you know, I’m a bit of a book nerd, but I wanted to start this off with saying that by no means is this list comprehensive. When deciding to make a favorite list of anything, there comes the unfortunate task of elimination.  I had to weed out books that I truly loved, but for the purpose of this post I wanted to keep it succinct and only included books that really did something to me after I read them.


So while you may not agree with this list, my reading choices, or my literary taste, these are books that spoke to me and I hope that you might enjoy reading them as well : )

Second disclaimer, most of these books weren’t written in 2015. So what I mean by “my favorite books in 2015” is just my favorite books I read this year. So with that, let’s go on! Here are my favorite books from 2015 (in no particular order):

I read The Unspeakable front to back on a plane ride from Philadelphia to Seattle. I couldn’t put it down! Meghan Daum writes about her life in a new city filled with new challenges in this series of essays, always with a dash of wit and humor.

I read Wave by Sonali Deraniyagala in two days that’s how amazing it is. A memoir about the day her life completely changed, Sonali writes about how herself, her husband and two children were swept away by a tsunami, and where she alone was the sole survivor.

The Seven Good Years by Etgar Keret is about the seven years between his son’s birthday and his father’s death. Told with a dry humor, Etgar gives a peak into the life of modern day Israel Palestine and the universal struggle of raising a son.

This was the year that I finally discovered Sloane Crosley. I Was Told There’d Be Cake was one of my favorite memoirs of the year.

Blackout by Sarah Hepola was one of the most courageous books I have ever read. In this book Sarah writes about her addiction to alcohol. Crushingly honest and incredibly vulnerable, this book caused me to reflect on my own addictions and what it means to start living the life you actually want to live.

A House In The Sky is by Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout and is about her time as a hostage in Somalia. If you’re looking for a book you’re not going to want to put down, this is the one for you.

I love Gretchn Rubin. Reading her book The Happiness Project in 2014 really changed my life. So when I heard she was coming out with another book about changing your life through habit formation, I couldn’t wait to pick it up. In fact I bought Better Than Before in hardback, and then bought the paperback version when it came out to re-read again! I love Gretchen’s practical and analytical approach to understanding yourself in order to solve common problems of every day life, thereby enhancing your overall happiness. I highly recommend this read if you’re looking to make some changes.




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