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How To Make A Damn Good Cup Of Tea


My love of tea comes from my Grandma. Inside her home you’ll find an entire 9-foot cupboard entirely dedicated to tea. Her collection is vast and comprehensive. She has teas from all over the world and is always discovering new blends to add to her collection. When La Colombe reached out about their new tea workshop, I was excited to learn how to properly brew a cup of tea. Because if you know anything about tea, it can be a bit of a science. Each tea requires a different water temperature and brew time. Brew too long or too little, and it can really impact the taste of the tea. But this workshop simplified the process, making it much more accessible and exciting to try at home.


The workshop was led by Alexis Siemons, the tea consultant who developed La Colombe’s new tea program. She’s certified in the Foundations of Tea by the Speciality Tea Institute which is a division of the Tea Association of the USA. She teaches culinary tea classes, develops tea-infused recipes for restaurants and works as a tea consultant with tea companies, developing their tea programs and creative marketing strategies. Make sure to check out her blog!


La Colombe Tea & Tisane

Here’s a quick overview of their new tea program which launched last week:

  • The collection features 8 unique teas: 5 tea sachets, 3 loose teas, and one classic black iced tea. There are 2 green teas, 1 black tea, 1 pu’erh tea, 2 tisanes, and 2 oolong teas.
  • Tisane is the correct term for herbal tea. Everywhere else in the world it’s called tisane, but here in American we typically call it herbal tea.
  • The tisanes are carefully blended with dried herbs, spices, fruit and natural essential oils.
  • Each tea represents its origin: Japan, Thailand, Taiwan or China.
  • To produce this collection La Colombe has partnered with Rishi Tea, a company known for their integrity and quality throughout the tea community. Together they share values such as organic growing, direct trade, global stories and traceability.
  • The collection ranges from luscious to fresh, toasted, earthy and robust.


Click on the photo above to enlarge and read the descriptions of each tea.

lctea-3116 2016-09-15_001

Today this tea collection is available in most of their stores. My favorites were the Genmaicha Green Tea and the Golden Turmeric Tisane. To stay updated on when this collection is coming to your local La Colombe cafe, follow them on social media. Thanks for having me LC! I love seeing Philly companies doing new and exciting things.




  • These two bring me so much joy. I was thinking about how much Molly would have loved this hike. Miss my old girl.
  • “True belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are; it requires you to be who you are.

True belonging is the spiritual practice of believing in and belonging to yourself so deeply that you can share your most authentic self with the world and find sacredness in both being a part of something and standing alone in the wilderness.” @brenebrown
  • How do you think one becomes a good listener?
  • Last night was 🌟 Getting to talk with people pursuing their passion is always inspiring. Thanks to those small business owners for coming to my workshop on creating a digital content strategy! #westcodigital
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  • This year I signed on as a marketing columnist for my local newspaper The Mountain Ear!

My first column came out last week and talks about the beginning steps toward setting up a social media marketing plan for your small business. As a digital-driven millennial, it's fun to see my words in print. 😊
  • Decisions are not isolated events. They point us in the direction we're headed. While I feel like I've made a lot of progress this past year, there are things in my past that are holding me up. I'm making a commitment to let go of that hurt instead of trying to make it better. Saying goodbye was always the right decision. I just wish I'd realized that sooner.

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