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Hello! Welcome to my blog Streets & Stripes. My name is Chaucee and I’m a social media strategist and photographer most frequently caught reading. I started this blog as a freshman in college back in 2008.

Here you’ll find posts about my favorite things: books, booze, food, and Philly.

If you’re into cute animal pictures, meet Jax, Juno, and Rosie – my gaggle of mountain mutts! When I’m not taking pet photos or downing La Croix, I’m over at the Wilder Book Club getting lost in a good book.

Want to say hello? Interested in working together? Check out my online portfolio at and drop me a line at


  • My sweet foster dog Daisy (middle) goes to her new home today. I’m gonna miss this fun little goofy pup but I’m glad she has a forever home for the holidays. 💕 #seniordogsrule #brighterdaysrescue #fosterdog
  • I’m so excited to welcome my newest client @HubNed! 💻👏🏽✨
Hub Ned is a modern coworking space nestled in the mountains of Nederland, Colorado. Living in the mountains is pretty awesome but sometimes the slow WiFi and cabin fever can hinder productivity. That’s why it’s great to have a space like this for the community, smokin fast WiFi, free snacks + coffee, and a place to meet creative, passionate people. Time to get to work! 💪🏽 👩🏼‍💻
Photos by @jennifermorganphoto
  • Nothing heals the soul more like fresh mountain air. #dreamlake
  • Blue skies after a light dusting this morning. #snowday #mountainliving #logcabin
  • One step closer to the weekend.
  • I don’t really buy magazines or journals, but this second issue from @goodcompanyzine caught my eye because of the theme: fear(less).
“People think about the word ‘fearless’ to mean without fear, but I see it to actually mean WITH fear but you did it anyways.” - Luvvie Ajayi #fearless #goodcompany #goodcompanymag #readmore #reader
  • Snow day in the mountains ❄️
  • Waking up to a pink sunrise. #sundayvibes #coalcreekcanyon #visitcolorado #goldenco

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