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Hello! Welcome to my blog Streets & Stripes. My name is Chaucee and I’m a social media strategist and photographer most frequently caught reading. I started this blog as a freshman in college back in 2008.

Here you’ll find posts about my favorite things: books, booze, food, and Philly.

If you’re into cute animal pictures, meet Jax, Juno, Rosie and Molly – my gaggle of mountain mutts! When I’m not taking pet photos or downing La Croix, I’m over at the Philly Book Club getting lost in a good book.

Want to say hello? Interested in working together? Check out my online portfolio at and drop me a line at


  • Monday mood.
  • What weekends look like in Colorado. 😍
  • The sound of rushing water works better than any anxiety pill.
  • I think I’m gonna like it here. ☺️
  • Walked away with 20 new bug bites, but it was worth it.
  • Another beautiful Saturday in Colorado.
  • Caught the fireworks downtown in my new city. #whyilovedenver
  • 🇺🇸

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