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Four Things I’m Working On

Last year brought some of the biggest changes in my life so far. Throughout the upheaval, I resolved to make my mental and emotional health a top priority.

However, that has not always been the case. Changing 28+ years of habits and patterns is challenging to say the least.

Up until recently, I was simply trying to do the best I could with the coping skills I had. Hint: they were not the healthiest coping strategies.

That has to change.

I’ve written before about going to therapy and living with anxiety. Anxiety can be isolating and I find that reaching out to others immediately improves my constitution. I hope in some way, it can help you too.

While no blog post will sum up my entire experience navigating through those challenges, I want to share two strategies that have helped me grow and work on negative patterns and habits in my life.

Deeply Feeling Hard Emotions

As humans, our natural tendency is to take the easy way. It’s a basic survival skill.

I was chatting with a new friend the other day over kombucha and pizza and she said something that lit a light in my brain (allow me to paraphrase): when I let myself actually GO THERE, to those sad, dark, hard feelings, it’s never as scary as I’m making it out to be. It’s not unbearable, I’m still alive.

The bottom line is: these feelings are survivable. The only way out is through. Our thoughts and emotions produce physical responses in our bodies, and constantly stuffing them away and not facing up to how we’re are feeling (however hard or ugly that may be) does not allow those emotions or thoughts to be released from your body. The tension just sits there under the surface, boiling, until one day someone forgets to take the trash out and all hell breaks loose. That’s not how I want to live.

Recognizing + Redirecting

It comes down to this: Recognizing toxic thought patterns and redirecting. 

My inner dialogue can be the ultimate mean girl directed entirely on myself. I would never talk to others the way I talk to myself, and I’m learning to push away the negativity and show myself some compassion and care.

Treating Myself Like A Friend

I don’t have much patience with myself. I don’t allow a margin for error. Learning to treat myself with the understanding and patience I would extend towards a friend is just being a decent human being. If I’m kind and caring with others in my life, that should also include the person I spend the most time with, aka me.

Redefining Success

What does success look like to you? Is it a certain house? Paycheck? Number of passport stamps? Making more money than your parents did?

What if success were instead focused on emotional and mental health. What are the three emotions that you feel the most often? Mine are anxiety, worthlessness, and joy. What if success looked more like feeling joy, contentment, and stability 80% of the time instead of those other awful feelings? THAT’S what success looks like. Navigating life in a healthy and sustainable way.

I hope you find these strategies helpful, as I have. But still the most important “strategy” that has made a difference in my emotional wellbeing is connection. Connecting with other people and talking through life problems. THAT is a game changer for me. I hope you take the time reach out to someone, it can work wonders.




  • What is your most significant barrier when it comes to creating content consistently for your website?

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Is it not believing you're a "creative person"? Is it not having the time?

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  • Maybe you’ve recently launched a website, and there was an uptick in traffic the first week or two, but now traffic has fallen, and inquiries are slowing down.

How do you get more eyeballs on your website?

Well, it’s quite simple: keep giving them something to look at.

Creating consistent content for your website not only helps tell Google that your site is up to date and relevant, but it keeps people coming back from more.

But how do you achieve this without losing your mind and your time?

Choose one topic per week. Then write a long-form blog post that goes in-depth on this topic, and use that blog post to create your social media content for the rest of the week.

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2. It demonstrates your knowledge and expertise.

Customers need to trust your knowledge and ability and demonstrating that is an important step in that direction.

Do you struggle with creating website or marketing content consistently? What's the biggest barrier?

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  • Creating consistent content for your website sounds like a lot more work on your already overloaded plate. Right?

I’m right there with you – even as a web designer myself it can be hard to find the time to sit down and come up with what to post ever week.

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  • Monday morning introvert time before the work week begins.

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  • How to demonstrate credibility on your website.

After you’ve shown your website visitors that you understand where they’re coming from and the struggles they are facing, it’s time to show them why YOU are the person they should hire to fix their problems.

There are several ways to demonstrate credibility on your website.

1) Showcase previous projects.

On the product page write about the problem your client was facing and how you solved it. Talk about the goals of the project and how they were accomplished.

2) Testimonials.

Having others vouch for your business is the most influential way you can market your business. I’ve always gone to the mechanic my dad stands by. Word mouth testimonials are solid.

3) Talk yourself up.

Throughout your website take each opportunity to talk about how you are uniquely positioned to solve your customer’s problem.

This isn’t bragging, it’s what your customers are LOOKING for - someone who has the experience and know-how to solve their problem.

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  • How to express empathy on your website.

First, write down a few of the problems your customers face.

Then write an empathy statement speaking directly to those struggles.

Basically, they need to know that *you GET it*. That you understand and know how to solve this problem.

Your customers and clients are looking to work with someone who understands their problem and knows how to fix it.

Show them empathy and then demonstrate credibility. More on that tomorrow…

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