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How I Decorated My Home On A Budget

In some ways, buying a house was the easy part! Decorating it has been a year-long process. Moving from an apartment into a three-story house meant I had a lot of basic items and furniture to buy. It took me almost a year to finish furnishing it not only because I couldn’t pay for it all at once, but also because I was holding out for pieces I loved while still sticking to a budget. I ended up traveling to Lancaster and shopping online and at a few local Philly shops for a some of my favorite finds and thought I’d share some of the places, both online and brick and mortar shops, that are great for both design and budget.

Philadelphia, PA

Jinxed Vintage Store in Fishtown, Philadelphia

Jinxed – Philadelphia, PA

1331 Frankford Ave | 1050 N Hancock St | 1835 E Passyunk Ave | 609 S 4th St | 4521 Baltimore Ave

Jinxed is a well known Philadelphia vintage shop. They have great prices and lots of unique items. I found pieces of art, vintage books, and glassware here. They have five locations in Philadelphia.

Retrospect Vintage – Philadelphia, PA

508 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Retrospect Vintage is another great vintage/antique/thrift shop in Philly. Their prices are slightly better than Jinxed and they always have an awesome selection of random objects. I got my favorite embroidery art piece there (top right in this photo) and lots of great glassware.

Lancaster, PA

Building Character in Lancaster, PA

Building Character

342 N Queen St, Lancaster, PA 17603

Shop here for: paintings, clothing, accessories, kitchenware, knick knacks. I found a decent sized vintage metal filing cabinet that I now use for storing photo props for my job. I also got some pretty glass jars and vases.


The Scarlet Willow – Lancaster, PA

320 N Queen St, Lancaster, PA 17603

Shop here for: vintage clothing and accessories, unique paintings, and kitchen knick knacks. Here I bought a vintage kitchen scale and some artwork.

West Elm Outlet in Lancaster, PA

West Elm Outlet

342 N Queen St, Lancaster, PA 17603

This place is a little bit of heaven on earth. West Elm is lovely, but the prices can be hard to swallow. At this West Elm Outlet in Lancaster you can find large pieces of furniture for up to 50% off! I purchased this chair for my reading nook and this media console for my living room from here. Right next door to this West Elm Outlet is the Pottery Barn Outlet, another great stop for discounted furniture and home accessories.

Adamstown Antique Row

Adamstown is antique heaven. They have at least 10+ antique shops all on the main road. I got about half of my artwork from these three stores listed below and they are some of my favorite peices of art I’ve ever owned. This is about an hour and ten minutes from Philly, but well worth the drive.

Country Loft Antiques

215 Hartman Bridge Road, Ronks, PA 17572

Here I found the deer head for my living room at a great price and a couple more knick knacks. The owner also gave me a bundle price for everything I was buying which was great!

Online Stores

Joss and Main | Wayfair | World Market | Overstock | | |

Joss and Main is where I bought my couches, my faux cow rug, and a couple other decor accents. They have great prices on couches and a wide selection of style. The only downside is that you don’t get to sit on the couch before you buy it. However, I’m an avid online shopper and felt comfortable with making that decision and don’t regret the two couches I purchased. They have a great delivery service and work with your schedule to make sure the delivery is accepted at the first attempt. Overstock was the most surprising out of the bunch. They’re always having sales and two of my favorite chairs I bought from Overstock as well as the stools to my kitchen island. They’re always

Final Thoughts

Decorating my house has been my biggest design challenge yet and I’m so happy to say that this house truly feels like home. It can be a frustrating process at times, but when you find what you live in your price range it makes the wait worth it. I’m a first time homeowner and learning how to care and maintain my home has come with a few bumps along the way, but I’m truly enjoying learning how to fix things like leaky faucets and pipe clogs and everything in between. I’d love to hear your tips on decorating your space! Tell me in the comments below.




  • Crunching code and grabbing lunch at one of my favorite places in Golden today while Jax and Rosie get their haircut.

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  • All of the pasta pups have homes 🥰💕 They’re still too young to leave Mama Mía so I have them for another week. In the meantime, be prepared for a million puppy photos while I cry my heart out.

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  • The past two weeks I have not respected my boundaries. Saying yes when I should have said no.

I did not protect the time I need to manage my life - normal things like cleaning, laundry, but also alone time to read, regroup, and nourish myself cooking at home after a long work day, something I’ve really come to enjoy.

So I’m resetting the intention today. I know what works for me and what doesn’t - regardless of what others think my life “should” look like. Going to get back into my routine and re-establish a bedtime.

Ps - this photo was taken by my brother of the mountain valley my parents live in. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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  • Yes, I *am* that dog mom that puts her toy poodle in her overalls. It’s a hands free baby Bjorne!

It’s been a weekend filled with emotions. Almost all my foster puppies have homes and now mama Mia does too! Even though I was ready for it, it is a roller coaster. It’s hard to let go of the dogs you’ve cared for and loved.

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  • This weekend my neighbors are having a block party -yes we can still have those in the mountains! Even if it is on a dirt road 😂. What are you up to this weekend? I hope some of it involves getting off Instagram, finding connection (the nature kind or human kind), and  a cheese board. Always a cheese board - just makes life instantly better. Happy Friday!

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  • The key to having a *profitable website* has absolutely nothing to do with code. It has to do with understanding human behavior, the goals you have, and the choices you make to get there.

Does your website do this? If it doesn’t, then its costing your business.

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Click the link in my profile to sign up or send me a DM and I’ll add ya to the list.

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  • When I created the Path to Profitable Websites, I was wondering if anyone would sign up. So far there are 30 of you who are ready for a website that is actively creating results for your business! I am so excited that I get to share with you how I get real business results for my clients.

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  • After a weekend of chopping wood, I have a few more calluses while coding today, but it’s good get back into the groove.

Today I’m working on the first revision of a new client site. Making a website is a collaborative process and it’s fun to merge ideas into an ideal website for my clients!

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