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While in Italy we took a break form the city for a bike ride and wine tour through the Tuscan countryside. While part of me was just focused on getting up those hills (beautiful for photos, but challenging to bike when all you’ve been eating was pasta the

We haven’t had a proper family vacation in years. We used to take international trips every year, but once we all us kids grew up and started going to college, then graduated and got real jobs, it became much more difficult to get everyone together.



July hast been quite the month!  Just yesterday I closed on the house I fell in love with in Fishtown. I’m now officially a homeowner! It’s crazy to say that. Tomorrow I’m leaving for Italy. So life has been pretty busy and exciting lately.  To

Have you heard of (pronounced ‘curb’)? It’s like a local classifieds website inhabited by your cool, trendy neighbor.  Since I’m in the middle of decorating my new place I’ve been stalking this website looking for unique additions to my home.  There’s a ton of cool stuff like this

My Summer List


We’re basically half way through summer (tears) so I wanted to make a small summer bucket list to give myself a little motivation to get out and do things I’ve been wanting to get accomplished. Have a proper* house warming party Ride the Ben Franklin